eat bitterness (2006)

'The real problem of a critique of our own cultural models is to ask, when we see a unicorn, if by any chance it is not a rhinoceros'.

Serendipities - Umberto Eco

eat bitterness is a series of forensic images informed by the topical, made in reaction to an ‘unknowable’ place. Encountering stasis and a parallel commentary of rapid transformation; eat bitterness is a travelogue, concerned with locating and fixing momentarily, local and global narratives within a perpetually shifting physical space.

eat bitterness imparts a certain sense of footlessness, displaying gestures of presence and absence, fleeting ahistorical interventions within an enigmatic topography.

A collaboration and commission with Autograph ABP

Read a text by Diana Yeh on eat bitterness here (PDF file 56k file size)

eat bitterness was also developed in partnership with Artist Links, the British Council & Arts Council England exchange programme that operated out of China.

eat bitterness consists of 11 images in a specially designed print folio box (100 editions, signed by Anthony Lam).

Available from Autograph ABP

eat bitterness was publicly launched at The Photographers' Gallery, London in March 2007, with Julian Stallabrass in conversation with Anthony Lam. Listen to the conversation here (MP3 file size 28.5mb / conversation with Q & A : 47 minutes)


Print type: Giclée archival prints on rag paper

Image dimensions: 210mm x 297mm



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